Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Weekend

1. Start a new craft project (like sewing presents for your friends!)
2. Go watch college football at a new bar, prefrerably with like-minded fans
3. Explore a part of town you haven't been to and take pictures. This would be extra fun with your person, but if you don't have a person that you can force into activities like this, going by yourself would also be acceptable and "spicy."
4. Pick up a book you've been meaning to immerse yourself in.
5. Plan something with friends that you wouldn't normally do, like a Game Night.
6. Hope that your football team doesn't throw away their game like mine is about to do did.
7. Make the Christmas list that your mother has been requesting since August (and that you suspect she will entirely ignore).
8. Call your grandma. She'll be really glad to hear from you.
9. Get outside & wash your car. 2 birds, 1 stone, right?
10. Try some sort of exercise you haven't done before (or in a while).

Maybe these things aren't spicy to everyone else, but to me they sound like great ways to mix up my weekend and make the most of it. And I may or may not have every intention of completing basically... every one. Except exploring a new part of town, because I refuse to do it alone and there is no one that loves me enough to go with me. At least I don't think. Any volunteers?

Crickets. Oh well. And who am I really kidding, do you really think I'm going to do anything but hot yoga? Ninja please.


  1. I called my grandma yesterday. :) I think about that often--how it only takes me 5 minutes and it means so much to her. My goal for the new year was to call her once a week (I live in California and she lives in Georgia), and although I've definitely fallen short of that, I've called her more frequently than I ever have before, which I think makes both of us feel good. :)

    Also, started working on #4 a couple nights ago!

  2. i love finding U of M bars around! that's so fun.