Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reminder: Change Your Life Challenge

Finish up the turkey leftovers, because starting tomorrow you can't eat them! The Change Your Life Challenge Week #1 starts tomorrow - who's participating with me? I invited another friend to join me and he agreed, and I'm excited to have somebody else holding me accountable. We all know I can't do it myself!

If you want to receive the Change Your Life Challenge email updates, leave a comment here or email to sign up! I'm really excited, and I even have my menu already planned out!

Monday: peanut butter sandwich for lunch; tomato soup & bread for dinner
Tuesday: peanut butter sandwich & vegetable pesto soup for lunch; Veggieland for dinner
Wednesday: leftover Veggieland for lunch; roasted brussel sprouts & quinoa for dinner
Thursday: peanut butter sandwich & a small salad for lunch; cheese pizza OR slow cooker lasagna for dinner
Friday: lunch is catered at work; dinner will be out with friends
Saturday: macaroni & cheese for lunch; salad beast for dinner
Sunday: cheese pizza for lunch; dinner will be at church

Hopefully I'm able to stick to this calendar pretty closely - I plan my meals out every week anyway, so this wasn't any different or more time consuming, although I did have to get a little creative with my lunches. I don't love re-heated vegetables! I may also get some minestrone soup, depending on the weather.

Happy Vegetarian eating, and good luck! k


  1. Sounds yummy! Glad you planned it all out! Can't wait for this bad boy to start! :]

  2. Good plan! I'll be posting mine today!

  3. What is this Veggieland?! It sounds whimsical!

  4. Also, I would add that your menu makes me a little sad :( At first it is hard to think of what to eat that doesn't have meat in it, but, there is a whole incredible world of amazing ways to use vegetables besides the on-the-side-and-steamed. Veg meals can be hearty, rich, and delicious just like meat-centric meals.

    For vegetarian recipes:

    For vegan recipes:

  5. i've gotten some really great recipes lately -- one for black bean chili that sounds DELICIOUS! do you like lentil soup at all? it's super easy to make. basically i'm going to be married to my crockpot this week.