Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Gift Woes

I posted earlier this month about my Christmas gift-giving woes. Since then, my sister has repeatedly requested a tiger cub. Am I missing out on some funny YouTube video or movie or something? Because I don't understand why in God's name she wants a tiger cub? Or is she just weird? Could be a combination of both, knowing her.

Anyway, I've had quite a few friends chime in about what they are getting their families after admitting to reading the blog. (HI FRIENDS! Please refer to this post about blog commenting etiquette, although I'll continue to accept your gchat & real life conversations regarding what I should and shouldn't write about.)

I thought I'd compile what everyone has said and include them here so you can have ideas for the special people in your life.

a homemade quilt
a homemade tote bag to carry work supplies
an e-decorating session with an interior designer
a citrus juicer (this was my own mother's contribution to my list, not mine!)
fancy olive oil or other cooking product
set of pajamas
family picture session with a local photographer (could be a double gift for mom & dad)

a boxed movie set
books on CD for the traveling pops (would also work for siblings or grandparents!)
college gear (my dad can't ever have too much GT paraphernalia)
grill tools
an 8x10 portrait of yourself
an XL remote so he can actually see the buttons

shot glasses
a nice bottle of wine
a cute pair of shoes
business professional sweater/shirt
a new wallet

nice set of playing cards
flowers (mailed or delivered)
gardening gloves (or winter gloves, depending on where they are)
a scrapbook of family pictures (if you're the crafty type and have access to pictures!) -- when I did this for my parents 25th wedding anniversary I also had friends & neighbors contribute letters and memories. Instant winner!

Other (could apply to significant other's parents, a sibling's significant other, you get the idea)
tickets to a sporting event
monogrammed bath towels
homemade cake in a jar with the recipe attached and wrapped up all cute a la ohsheglows

So those are the ideas I've gotten so far. Anybody want to contribute? It's okay if you don't want to leave a comment, we can talk about it in some other forum, and I'll come back and periodically update this post and let ya'll know it's been updated.


  1. Dads seem to always be the hardest to shop for, so I'll add my idea -- One of the best gifts I got my stepdad was a giant panorama photo of the football stadium on opening day for whatever sports team it was that he liked. It was pretty epic-looking.

  2. My mom's bday is Christmas Day (might have already said this, can't remember!) so it's double the gift-giving. She's pretty easy to shop for though. This year will probably be Pandora and a soup immersion.

  3. My mama has requested "cute tops," new kitchen bowls/utensils, and running socks. Haha. My dad's always the hardest--he doesn't ever want a lot, and he usually just gets what he wants! This year we might all go in and get him a Big Green Egg (a smoker, I think?), cause my sister heard that he wants one of those.

    My sister likes pretty much anything from Anthropologie, so that's where I go for her gifts. I like to ask for lists from people, cause it makes it so much easier!