Monday, January 24, 2011


I don't know if you've noticed (or really, if you care) but I have been doing a LOT of traveling recently! It started with my Christmas trip to Disney, which ended at my parents house in south Florida. Shortly thereafter I found myself in Minneapolis, and I'm currently en route back to South Florida for a work conference that I turned into an extended trip and mini-vacation. Woohoo!

I've posted before about my best tips for preparing to leave for a trip, but never about what I actually bring along. I consider myself a pretty savvy traveler, so I thought I'd share some of my tips here!

1. Bring a camera (and keep it in your carryon!) You never know what will arise that you will want to remember forever!
2. Pack your 3oz or less items in a baggie, and put those in the front zipper pocket in your suitcase. I always travel with mine in the same place, and honestly, I usually leave everything in there post-trip too. For those of you who are traveling weekly or monthly, this may help eliminate forgetfulness!
3. I have toiletry bag that I use when I nanny overnight, and it has turned into a permanent fixture in my bathroom. I have a 2nd tube of toothpaste, deodorant, and face wash that I leave in that bag all the time - that way I can just grab that bag and go without worrying if I am forgetting something!
4. If space allows, bring 2 books. I know when I'm flying, I can blow through a book in the duration of a plane ride, leaving nothing to do during other downtimes. Having 2 books means a little heavier luggage, yes, but also less boredom.
5. Pack an extra pair of underwear. This seems stupid and like a waste, but seriously... you never know what is going to happen. Also, same goes for socks.
6. Wear your biggest shoes on the airplane. Even if they aren't the most comfortable shoes. You aren't walking or on your feet too much at the airport and it will save potentially tons of space in your luggage! I wore rainboots on a plane to/from Minneapolis just because otherwise they wouldn't have made the journey with me :)
7. If you are traveling carry-on only, grab the things you are going to want in-flight and hold them in your arms as your board the plane. I'm talking book, computer, cell phone. Then you can stow all of your bags in the overhead bin and save room under the seat in front of you for your feet. They can always use the extra space!
8. When you get to the gate for your flight, ask the gate agent if there is any opportunity for a complimentary first-class upgrade. Sometimes there is, sometimes there's not, but you'll never know until you ask!
9. Make nice with the person next to you or people around you. I'm not saying you should be that annoying person that chats the entire plane ride, but smile, say hello, make small talk while the plane is boarding. But if homegirl next to you has her headphones in, for the love of all things holy, leave her alone. Small talk can wait for the flight home.
10. Don't panic if you realize you don't have everything. You can always run to a CVS or a Walgreens and get anything you may have forgotten at home!

I hope these are helpful. I am not nearly as seasoned a traveler as others, but I think I've done my fair share and wanted to spread the knowledge!

Happy flying to all of you, I'll be sitting in the middle seat at the front of the plane looking like I'm about to puke. Don't worry, I won't.


  1. I have a toiletry case with "seconds" (second toothbrush, second bottles of cleanser and toner, etc.) as well!

    However, I have to disagree with you about #7...if you have only one carry-on, it's fine to store it above you if you must, but if they make that all-too-often heard announcement that the flight is full and overhead space is limited, your carry on--if it fits--should go under the seat in front of you. And if you are traveling with two carry ons, one should *always* go under the seat in front of you (unless the flight is half empty, but that rarely happens to me at least).

  2. I like to put my feet ON my carryon. :) And I loved the "extra underwear" tip--haha! I always bring extras. I would add "$10 for internet during your flight is worth it--makes the flight go by in a second."