Friday, January 7, 2011

I am not a coffee person. I remember my sophomore year of college, my roommate & I decided it would be really smart of us to split a bottle of diet pills. Let me just tell you, I have never seen 4am more times than when I was taking those pills. However, it should be noted that they were the best hangover cures I've ever seen. Instant energy, for the win!

I'm a water drinker - always have been. But my new office has this really fancy cappucino machine that makes lattes & cappucinos (duh) & decaf coffee's and something called kaffe...and all I've been able to use it for is hot milk to put into my Swiss Miss. I felt so lame.

Not anymore. I was complaining to my very European boss today about how I felt left out of the coffee world and I wanted to find something in that damn machine that I liked. I tried all of them this week and BLECH! So what does he do? He puts hot chocolate in the cup, hits the latte button, and VOILA.

Heaven on earth is born. Photobucket

It tastes like caffeinated hot chocolate, and I even used the fat free/sugar free Swiss Miss.

I'll never be sleepy at work again consdering that is all I have had to drink and I'm jittery and have gotten approximately 7 hours worth of work done in the last 30 minutes.

Cappucino machine, I officially love you.


  1. Oh man, that's awesome. But unlike you, I''m a diehard coffee drinker (okay, addict). I may very well come steal your cappuccino machine :P

  2. Brilliant idea! I'm not a coffee person either but that sounds amazing.

  3. I didn't become a coffee person until I was nearly 26! The hubby (at the time he was just my boyfriend) bought and made me try a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino (sp?) from Starbucks. I wasn't sure about it, but a couple of weeks later I was SUPER tired and decided I needed to go for it. I bought myself one of those Frappuccinos. And I continued to buy them a couple times a week. And then it got cold, and Steve bought me flavored coffee to drink hot (it was...I think Southern Pecan by New England Coffee, or something like that). Time passed and now I can drink plain old coffee, hot or iced, with just a bit of sugar and cream!

    Regardless...don't start drinking coffee if you don't do it already. I kind of regret it because I know it's just added calories, and I also get headaches when I DON'T drink the stuff. Boo.