Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Hot Tip!

Ya'll know how I feel about nail polish. It's a growing obsession.

So what do you think I did when I found out that Zoya nailpolishes were FREE today and all I had to pay was shipping? Um, duh. I got 3. (Because that's the max you can get, FYI.)

So here's the deal: You have to go & like Zoya on Facebook. I guess you don't have to, and you really know how I feel about liking things on Facebook, but I feel like you're kind of cheating if you don't do it. You can always hide them after you do it!

Then, you go to their website and cross your fingers that it will load for you. Then you pick your three colors you want to buy. Then you put them in your cart, enter all your shipping information, and the most important part: enter code FB2011. That will change all your polishes from $7 to free! Then you're all set - just sit back and wait for your pretty nail polishes to come in the mail for a whopping $2.33 a piece. Nothing gets me more excited than a good deal.

What colors did you buy? I bought Dea, Uli & Tiffany. I didn't even think to look for a Katie -- if I had, I hope it was a really pretty, summery dark pink! What would the color with your name be?


  1. thank you for posting this! they had one with my name, in my favorite color! i've also been wanting to buy some grays/browns and finally got around to doing that, and getting them free thanks to you! thank you so much!!!

  2. I think my name would be like an Irish/Kelly green :)