Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm quite the country music buff. I love country music. It's simple, direct, to the point, and somehow you can always relate to whatever the artist is singing about. I work in an office that I share with another girl. We're roommates, if you will, and we're roommates that like to jam out. We started with showtunes on Pandora, but when you are actually working 40+ hours a week, the glory of Pandora runs out real quick. Then we switched to Christmas songs. Now I'm on a country kick.

Voices by Chris Young is one of my current favorite songs. I have no idea why. I just like it. The gist of the song is that he hears "voices" telling him how to live his life positively. One line in the song just really pisses me off because I think it's SO UNTRUE.

"My dad saying quit that team and you'll be a quitter for the rest of your life."

Really? REALLY? False false false. Quitting is acceptable. Making a habit of quitting is not okay. But if you really put in 100% effort and you still want to quit? Go for it. I've quit. I quit volleyball my sophomore year of college because it was a waste of my time. I talked to the coach about not playing in a tournament and he said he forgot about me. How do you forget about the girl who is sitting next to you all day being supportive and cheering on her team? How do you forget about the girl who's parents drove from Atlanta to Auburn to see their 20 year old daughter play volleyball, and who brought team snacks? Yeah, see ya. I didn't feel bad about quitting that.

Not me, but close.
So no, Chris Young, quitting a team doesn't make you a quitter for the rest of your life. Get your shit together.
But Mama tells him to say a prayer every time he lays down at night, and grandma says if you find the one, you better treat her right. I agree with all of that. Totally agree.


  1. Quitting's never cool. Giving up when you've had enough is.

  2. I <3 this song. I always do a mental 'wtf' at the quitting line. And I always smile at the 'Grandma sayin if you find the one, you better treat her right'.