Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day meal

All weekend the news predicted ridiculous amounts of snow and closures across Atlanta. A lot of times when they predict these kinds of things, nothing ends up happening. Well, not today.

I woke up to this:

Work was cancelled, MARTA buses stopped running, and the entire city basically shut down. Being the incredibly responsible employee that I am, I went to the office on Saturday morning to grab my computer in anticipation for the bad weather, so I was able to work for a better part of today. However, I ate like crap. I had conference calls around lunch time, and I made a pretty big breakfast, so I knew I wanted a yummy dinner. Only problem was, I haven't really gone to the grocery store in approximately...a long time. So while I had most of what I needed, I didn't have everything.

Someone asked me what my favorite thing to do outside was. Wanna know? Going back inside. So trekking 12 feet to Kroger was out of the question. I dug into the depths of my refrigerator and created what I think turned out pretty dang awesome.

I defrosted some chicken wings. I mixed up some honey, some soy sauce, some fresh squeezed OJ and a little bit of garlic. I put the chicken wings in the sauce, added more honey, more soy sauce, more OJ. It wasn't saucy enough before! I stuck the wings on a pan and put it in the oven at 475 for a little less than an hour. They turned out awesome! I made some rice pilaf to go with it and bam - dinner. No fresh veggies with dinner, but I also drank a carrot/celery/orange/lime juice earlier today, so I figured I was okay without veggies for dinner.

FYI, celery juiced = EW. Too bad I bought 2 giant stalks, and good thing my mom sent me 20 pounds of oranges.


  1. Glad the wings turned out - they look good!

  2. yum! i've made impromptu honey/soy/oj glazes before, too, + they always turn out great, whether it's used for baking chicken or sauteeing tofu. good job being resourceful + maximizing your fridge options on your snow day!

  3. My family lives in Atlanta and I am SO JEALOUS of the blizzard!!! Being snowed in sounds delightful & I'm sad I only missed it by a couple weeks (I was home at Christmas). have fun!

  4. Nom nom, those look yummy! I saw your debate on Twitter about baking with sauce or without. I usually bake without and then toss with sauce in my crockpot. :P But that takes much longer.

  5. Ooo those wings look delicious! And yeah, I agree, usually nothing happens, but this time they were right!

    I feel like the only thing to kill time when you're home is eat! Not a fan!

  6. haha I have never thought about juicing celery but yeah, it just *sounds* gross ;) we have juiced some things...or rather, my husband has...that are also bad. Melon (I want to say it was a cantaloupe) and pears particularly.