Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*tap tap tap* is this thing on?

I'm jumping on my soapbox for a quick minute, mainly because I've been holed up in my house for the last 48 hours with no one to talk to and nothing to do except watch TV, watch really terrible movies that I DVR-ed (3 Men and a Baby, really Katie?) and think about things.

So, what was I thinking about? First and foremost, I thought about how I am going to get this homeboy I met on Friday night to stop calling me and offering to make me homemade ____ (insert whatever food here). So far the offers have been for soup, Mexican, and tacos. Gentlemen, when a woman declines your offer to bring over soup when she is sick, she isn't interested, so you should take a hint.

Then, I started watching Twilight: New Moon  (another stellar DVR pick), and I started thinking about all the anti-Twilight and anti-Harry Potter fans that are out there. So many people complain that it isn't real life, or it's setting false expectations for young girls. So what does Gossip Girl do? Or The Time Traveler's Wife?  or any of Nicholas Sparks' books? Because I'm pretty freaking sure that in real life, no self respecting, popular, too-cool-for-school 17 year old boy would go out with the preacher's daughter.

So then why all the hate on Twilight and Harry Potter? What's the matter with allowing kids (and adults) to let their imaginations run wild? I wonder how many teachers have received essays and books written with plots very similar to those books. But so what? The creative wheels are spinning, and isn't that the point?

So to all the haters...step your uncreative, realistic minds to the left. Wizards and vampires are here to stay.


  1. Not gonna lie, I'm not a big fan of the vampire/humanoid love, but I love love love Harry Potter.

    I agree though, no need to hate.

  2. I *LOVE* Harry Potter.

    I do not care for Gossip Girl, I haven't read Time Traveler's Wife but the movie was dumb, and I have only ever liked ONE of Nicholas Sparks's stories (Nights in Rodanthe).

    And I have to be completely honest, I *hate hate hate* me some Twilight :op

  3. I think when it comes to Harry Potter, people mistook the fact that the readers found it brilliant STORYTELLING for people claiming it was some kind of ground-breaking writing, which, let's be honest. It's not. The writing is not amazing or even eloquent. Most teenagers could out-write J.K. Rowling. Where she soars is in her story-telling and knowing exactly the right details to tell and to skim over. The story and the world she created were completely unheard of and original, and that's why people gravitated towards the books: like you said, it was a way for them to let their imaginations soar and for the reader to escape reality for a while.

    When it comes to Twilight, I know the biggest issue that I have personally have with it is that the author seems to be perpetuating the idea that an abusive, lying, and dangerous boyfriend is...good to keep around. I don't think that's the right message for girls, and I don't think there's a way to skew Twilight that says it's presenting any idea otherwise.

    However, with all of those things said: do I LOATHE either franchise? Absolutely not! I love to let myself get lost in literature, fantasy, and fairy tales just as much as the next person :]