Friday, January 14, 2011

My Issues, Part 1

So I touched on it when I posted about my irrational, freakish fear of flying. I considered taking time on my flight to Minneapolis to count the number of times I have flown, but I really decided that would get boring because I couldn't remember all of them. Instead I decided to document the number of times I have flown since I turned 18.

34 separate flights that I can think of. 4 of those were across the Atlantic Ocean. I think it's safe to say I've flown 100 times, easily. I still remember the first flight I felt scared on. I was traveling for the first time with a significant other, and we were going to visit his home for the first time. That's enough to scare anyone in the first place. Not me, I was pumped. Then, we got on the airplane, I panicked, and nothing has been the same.

I know I'm not alone in my irrational, ridiculous fear, and as of yet, it hasn't deterred me from flying. I mean, I'm on a plane AS I'M WRITING THIS and I'll get on another one to go home, and then the next week I fly again for work, and I have two more free RT tickets to use this year plus whatever else I decide to do. But man, I HATE the nerves that go along with flying for me.

How do you calm yourself down in situations where you feel totally out of your element and out of control? I distract myself (uhh, why do you think I'm writing a novel about my irrational fear of flying while in flight?), and I sit there and think to myself, "You are better than this. You are not scared, because there is nothing to be scared of. Just because you aren't in control does not mean that the person who is in control is a complete idiot. So snap out of it. You are a better person than this. You have more faith than this. You are not a scaredy cat when it comes to anything. Stop being scared now." And so on. By the time I've finished with my positive personal pep rally, we're usually approximately 40,000 feet in the air and all is well in the world.

It's fine, we all have weird issues. What are yours?

PS - I think next time I travel I'm taking a floo network. Or maybe I'll just disapparate. Harry Potter knows whats up.


  1. I get scared on flights sometimes. Nothing crazy, just some extreme nervousness. I try to focus on my breathing and put my ipod in, to kind of shut everything out. I've been in some nasty flying situations, so I don't think a fear of flying is all that irrational!

    Hope your weekend turns around and is fun :)

  2. I've probably flown at least as much as you have but I don't know...I rarely get nervous. Pretty much only when there is a LOT of turbulence. But I definitely have irrational fears about other things so who am I to talk ;o)

  3. I came here to tell you how much your comment about QB1 made me smile! I seriously got a huge grin and went to email you but your email isn't connected to your profile. So I got to this blog post, and now I like you even more!!

    I fly all the time too and it doesn't faze me . . . but boy can I relate to irrational fears. Regardless if it's flying, snakes, bridges, etc. . . they're all pretty much the same! Debilitating and totally ridiculous. And yet, we can't help them!

    The only thing that helps me (as a person who has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder with panic) is to remind myself that irrational fears are just that--a chemical reaction that is totally irrational and that, to some degree, can be controlled by our minds.

    BTW--I love skiing, but won't go because I am petrified of the lifts. ;)

  4. I've been afraid of flying ever since 9/11. I had flown a zillion times before and was never nervous but now I can't fly without nerves! Ugh! I guess the way I try to snap out of it is by telling myself the plane is out of my control and what will be will be so there isn't any use stressing out.