Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More travels...

I have spent more time in airports this summer than I think any summer ever before. Let's count how many times I have gone to an airport (just to get on an airplane!):

1. Atlanta, Georgia
2. Paris, France
3. Valencia, Spain
4. Valencia, Spain
5. Porto, Portugal
6. Lisbon, Portugal
7. Madrid, Spain
8. Valencia, Spain
9. Rome, Italy
10. Valencia, Spain
11. Valencia, Spain
12. Paris, France
13. Atlanta, Georgia
14. Atlanta, Georgia
15. Denver, Colorado
16. Tuscon, Arizona
16. Tuscon, Arizona
17. Denver, Colorado
18. Atlanta, Georgia
19. Atlanta, Georgia
20. Forth Worth, Texas
21. Fort Worth, Texas
22. Atlanta, Georgia

22 times is a lot of times, I think. I am tired of traveling, so I am glad that after this weekend I will be staying put in Atlanta for a long time. I get so nervous on airplanes now -- I don't know what started it, but I am convinced I am going to die on an airplane, like in a crash. I think that would be up there in the top 10 most miserable ways to die, wouldn't you? Especially on the flight from Tuscon to Denver... we got what seemed like 40 feet off the ground and the plane turned so that we were 90 degrees towards the ground and not going up. That wasn't fun. I just get very anxious as soon as I get to the airport; the best part for me is getting off the plane.

I have to hang out in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport for a while tomorrow, so I'm putting some TV shows on my iPod to entertain me. I've also kept my Boingo subscription, so if they have internet maybe I will work on some stuff (mainly like finding a j-o-b...)

It's late, I think I will try to go to sleep. Early flight in the morning!!

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