Sunday, October 5, 2008

tour de buzz

so georgia tech has decided to put a variety of buzz's all over campus decorated as various things. one of them has buzzcards (gt student id's) in various forms all over it, one is a "green" buzz that is environmentally friendly, etc. you get the idea. anyway, the industrial design students created them and then they were put all over campus and will eventually be auctioned off. what the money will go to, i'm not really sure.

so, as we were driving to publix today to get ice cream, rachel randomly suggested that we do a 'tour de buzz' this week. That turned into a drinking 'tour de buzz,' which then transformed itself into this giant beast including a powerpoint presentation, theme song for each buzz to be played when we get there, an activity at each buzz accompanied by pictures of said activity (including but not limited to choreographed dancing, favorite positions, etc.), accomplices, coolers, bubba kegs, and tons of fun overall.

me, kathryn, and rachel spent approximately 2 hours this afternoon putting together and organizing our tour de buzz, half the time unable to breathe because we were laughing so hard. i will be sure to post the pictures.

completely off topic, i'm getting a tattoo.

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