Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trip Planning

I know I've been talking about traveling a lot lately, but it's because I've got the bug.

Camp Nou, Barcelona, 2008
One of my best friends is hoping to study abroad in Argentina this fall, and I've politely invited myself along for the ride. I've mentioned that I don't count the day I spent in Cartagena, Colombia as enough time in South America, so clearly I have to go back. After spending the beginning of this week with two lovely women from Sao Paolo, Brazil, my suspicions were confirmed. South America is for me.

Cartegena, Colombia, 2008

Valencia, Spain, 2008. Tequila "tasting"

So I know when I want to go. I know where I want to go. Now I have to figure out what to do while I am there. Do I only stay in Argentina? Do I try to explore as much of South America as I can? Do I partake in wine tastings and clubs knowing full well that renders me damn near useless the next day? But those are some of my favorite things to do! I started doing some basic searches on TripAdvisor, and I already found horseback riding that I want to do. And traditional Argentinian cooking class paired with a wine tasting. And a vineyard tour. I know I'll want to spend at least a day exploring the historical sites in the city. I know I'll want to travel away from Buenos Aires and see the sites within driving distance.

Valencia, Spain, 2008. Day of the Euro Cup Championship game.

HamFam European Vacation 2007

 So have you ever planned a big trip? I've done several -- as a family we toured Hong Kong & China for 2 weeks (with grandparents), Spain (Madrid, Sevilla, Toledo, Granada, & Tarifa) & Portugal (Lisbon) for 2 weeks, Italy (Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Cinque Terre, Venice) for 10 days, and what I like to call the HamFam European Vacation in which we went Prague, Kutna Hora, Cesky Kromlov, Salzburg, Munich, Fussen, Venice, and then we hopped on a cruise ship to continue our trip to Athens, Mykonos, and Piraeus, Greece and Split, Croatia. My mom is obviously a badass trip planner. I never had to do anything but show up with my bags packed. Not so much this time.

HELP! Where do I start? Any suggestions? Where should I go? 

I can't WAIT to get outta the country again. Clearly, I'm good luck!

PS - Rach... no pressure, but I really wanna come visit you in Argentina! Anyone else wanna come?

Spain wins the Eurocup!


  1. I really don't know much about Argentina but trip planning, I do...but it sounds like you've got half your trip planned already ;)

  2. Whoa, that is some serious travel experience! I haven't seen nearly enough of South America, but I yearn to go there all the time. My travel-bug-meter is always off the charts. Seriously considering selling my eggs to make it happen (ha).