Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanna Come Over?

Yippee! I made a decision in the great sofa debate! Although it's hardly been in my house 12 hours, and I was only for for 1 of them, I am seriously pumped. I got up this morning and moved furniture out of my living room. Then I showered and then I vaccummed. I am backwards.

Anyone want to come over to my frat house? We (and by we I mean my roommate) arranged for Salvation Army to come pick these bad boys up but they couldn't come until next week, so frat-style living complete with extra sofas it is! I guess this just cements the fact that I really only use the dining room table as another place to put down my crap. Oops.

But it was all worth it when this beautiful, wonderful, well-loved sectional was delivered! I wasn't supposed to be home when it was delivered, but things changed and I stayed home to wait for my biggest purchase to date to arrive.

I spent all of about 30 minutes after the sofa was delivered sitting on it, but I already know it's a keeper. I went back to the store not one more but two more times to measure and look at colors and sit on the other sofas before I made my decision. And then I decided! I ordered this on Saturday, and if I had chosen delivery that day, it would have been delivered Tuesday, but at first I selected pick-up. Turns out I wasn't able to pick it up afterall (and after seeing it be delivered today I'm REALLY glad that's what I opted for) but by the time I changed my mind the earliest they could deliver was Wednesday. Wednesday it was!

The delivery people were alright. They were a little fussy and didn't exactly treat my furniture they way I hoped they would, or me really for that matter. Not sure what to do about it - would you call and complain? They didn't do anything wrong, per se, they just didn't have the greatest customer service, and for the $130 they cost me, I'd think they could have plastered on a smile! Maybe it's just me. Either way, I'm pleased as punch with my new sofa. I was nervous about whether or not I had measured correctly and if I had chosen the right color (I am so not a visual person) but it fit perfectly and the color is just fine. It's a little grayer versus the more tan color I was expecting but, I chose a color called "stone" so I am not sure why I didn't think it would be gray.

I'm really proud of myself for making my first large purchase as an adult by myself. Sure, I got other people's input, but at the end of the day I measured, I tested out couches, and I decided. And then I was a nervous nancy for 5 days but I didn't tell anyone that part! I guess it's just another lesson in How To Be a Grown Up.

These lessons are getting a lot closer together than I really would like...


  1. I haven't figured out How to Be a Grown Up yet and I haven't made any of those purchases. I have bought all of my furniture from craigslist or former roommates and I am 29 years old! Ay yay yay.

    I love your new sofa though and I think light gray is beeeeautiful.

  2. I've honestly never met a pleasant furniture/appliance delivery person. I would just brush it off, honestly.