Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are You Tired of Hearing About My Garden?

I bought my garden and planted everything in mid-March, so a little over 2 months ago. I have been tracking the progress on the blog, which has been a lot of fun for me!

I check on my little plants every morning & water them then. I typically fill up 2 pitchers of water and distribute evenly.

I took these pictures on Thursday morning, so before all the giant storms hit Atlanta. The bigger peppers are starting to turn red as of this morning, which is super exciting to me! It means they are almost ready to be picked! 

Those are my cucumbers. So far, they haven't been so successful. There is one on the vine right now that I don't think is going to be a keeper either. From what I have read, I should probably just go ahead and pick it but I want it to grow! Hopefully I'll get one that I can eat! 

And the tragedy that was my broccoli seems to be coming back to life. I am convinced that I have a green thumb. Remember when I tried to drown my cucumber plant? Well, that's the one that is producing the most vegetables! I just left it alone and it came back to life and now it's just going to town on cucumber production! I guess the broccoli felt the same way about the worms. I'm not going to hold out hope but at the same's growing! I guess the broccoli didn't really need those leaves anyway. 

So, I've learned a lot about growing plants. I'm definitely going to do it again, maybe even in the fall! Honestly, it's been really, really easy. There was a little effort at the beginning to get the planters and the soil & fertilizer, and now I just have to water them. I added more fertilizer last week and that seemed to really jumpstart the broccoli. As I did more research, I realized that I probably should have been adding fertilizer every week. Lesson learned! 

I think the biggest thing I learned is that some things you have to do kind of fly by the seat of your pants. I could have done tons and tons of research, but it seems like when it comes to growing plants you just have to jump in head first and try. The worst thing that happens is that worms eat your plants and they die before they grow anything. But, you can remedy that too! Plus, with a view like the one I have, I am convinced you can grow vegetables anywhere. 

Hopefully I'll have more to report back in a couple weeks :)

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  1. I have been seriously wanting to learn about gardening (growing vegetables, especially). My neighbor (with whom I share a backyard) grows veggies every summer, and I've been meaning to get him to teach me! At least he shares his bounty :)