Friday, May 20, 2011

PSA: Facebook Edition

I promise I am not the bitter single girl. This post may make me sound like I am, but really, I swear, I'm not.

We are all adults, right? We are grown-ups with real jobs, Master's degrees, house payments, and serious relationships. And Facebook is just as much fun now that we are adults as it was when we were 18 and stalking our high school friends to see who went to college and who didn't and who was cheating on their high school sweetheart and who wasn't. Only now I stalk peruse Facebook to see who got married, who had the prettiest wedding, and who's baby is the cutest.

What I don't stalk facebook for is to see posts between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or yes, even mother & infant child, expressing their love and devotion and excitement about seeing them later that day (when they likely woke up next to said person 3 hours ago). Daily.

If you are wondering if I am talking about you, I am. Although in all fairness, this post is not directed at any one person in particular. Just the group of individuals who partake in previously mentioned activities.

Case and point, this morning after my cup of coffee, I ventured into facebook land. BAM - what are the first 3 posts in my newsfeed?

1. "Missing ____ sooooo much today."
2. "Mommy and Baby can't wait for Daddy to come home from work and spend the WHOLE weekend with us. We love him so much!"
3. "It's your love, it just does something to me...." and upon further investigation, the ENTIRE SONG had been posted between the 2 Facebook walls...more than once.

Here's the thing - I'm all about being in Facebook relationships, telling someone how much you appreciate them or love them on Facebook, and public displays of affection. I really, really am. But like I said - we are adults. I can only assume that if you and your baby's daddy made, well, a baby together, and you're still married, you probably are really damn excited for him to come home. And if you are living 3000 miles from your significant other, you probably do miss them so much today, and tomorrow, and the next day. But really, why do you have to let the whole world see that? Why do you let them in on what could be the sweetest part of your relationship?

I'm all about offering suggestions to remedy what I see as a problem so here is my advice: Say it out loud! Send it in a text message! Send it in an email! Send it via owl!

Maybe one day when I'm not a single lady I too will splatter facebook with my expressions of love, but for now, I'll leave Facebook for messages like "ET phone home" and "If you don't pick up the phone next time I call you I'm never speaking to you again." Because clearly, that's what facebook is for.

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  1. hahaha...I'm married...and I totally agree. I may post stuff on my husband's wall once in a great while (read: once every few weeks or so, probably even less than that) but the constant posts between significant others get on my nerves too!