Thursday, May 26, 2011

10 Things on a Thursday

1. I talk out loud to myself in my office when the door is shut. Wouldn't you if you had your own office?

2. I woke up this morning feeling so grateful to have such fabulous friends who know me so well. My best friend in the entire world is going to be in town next week and I am going to see so many friends and share so many wonderful memories over the next few months - it just left my heart feeling very full and satisfied this morning.

3. I grew 1 cucumber so far but it was a little...odd-shaped. Hopefully the rest of them will be a little more normal and I'll feel safe eating them.

4. I broke my camera. I sent it in to be fixed, then I bought a point-and-shoot because I have the patience of a 2 year old, then I found out my DSLR is being replaced. But the store I bought it from stopped carrying my model. I mean, really? So now I'm going to get an upgraded model but apparently I have to pay more and just, ugh. I need somone else to deal with this first-world problem for me. I miss my camera :(

5. I have zilch, zip, zero plans for Memorial Day weekend. Well, that's partially untrue. I have a date tomorrow night, and then I'm going to a birthday party, and I have a friend who wants to meet up for a drink on Saturday night. But other than that, my weekend is wide open.

6. I recently read The Pioneer Woman's book. I love P-Dub as much as the next girl (maybe more), but I wished her book ended differently. It was kinda abrupt. Maybe there's a part 2 that I don't know about.

7. I only skipped out on exercise 1 day so far this week, and that was on Monday, and I skipped exercising because I had heart palpitations over my grocery store bill. It was over $100. I only feed one person.

8. It's my job to plan Friday lunch at work this week (and next week too) and I only spent 1/2 of my budget this week. I wonder if that means I get to spend the other half plus my whole budget for next Friday's lunch? PARTAY if that's the case!

9. I skipped yoga last night and went for a walk instead and then I ate dinner at Nuevo Laredo and drank 2 Coronas, because that's what responsible kids do. I tried to convince my dinner companion to take tequila shots but he declined, stating that it would be an aggressive move for 9pm on a Wednesday. Fine, fine.

10. I just typed something incredibly passive-aggressive and then deleted it. See Mom, I'm growing up in the mature young lady you always hoped I would be.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, someone remind me next year that I should take a vacation around this time. I'm long overdue.

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  1. Hi, new follower here! Tequila shots are too aggressive for a Wednesday night? Oops, time to rethink my usual routine of tequila starting at noon Monday-Friday.

    I hope you have a fun weekend, whatever you end up filling it with. :)