Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Ultimate Dilemma

I'm really not that great at dating. 

Exhibit A: Boy invites me to go out "one night next week." I forget to respond until next week is halfway over. Oops?

Exhibit B: Boy suggests we go out Thursday or Friday night and offers 3 places to go. I have never been to any so I say "Sure! I am up for trying something new, you pick!" He says "Ok, how about Friday at 8?" I panic. 

^^ the face of panic
What do you do when someone wants to make plans for a Friday night, particularly when you have no plans yourself? First of all, do you look like a loser if you say yes, because clearly you have no Friday night plans? And second of all, if I look like a loser, then isn't he a loser too because he clearly has no other Friday night plans either? So then are we just 2 losers going on a date? Because I am not a loser! Or does that then become my Friday night plans and then I am suddenly cool again because I have plans on a Friday night? And so then does that mean he is using me to look cool so he can have plans on a Friday night? 

Now you know what it is like to live in my head, and why I will likely never marry and just end up some crazy lady with 17 couches in her condo and plants on her balcony. Oh yeah, I'm already there. Win win?

For the record, I said yes, so now I have Friday night plans. I am really not sure if this makes me cool or a complete loser. The fact that I blogged about it leads me to believe the latter is the case. Someone stop me.

Updated to add: I hope he never reads this. I might die. 


  1. like everyone else on twitter said - it's only tuesday! haha

  2. I'm of the "no game playing" mindset. If someone asks you out on Friday and you're free, say yes! (which you already did). Sure, some guys may take it the wrong way, but trust me when I say that the right one won't. I made myself completely available to Steve, he did the same for me, and look where we are now ;)