Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The bloggy world is buzzing with news of Caitlin's book release. I'll be the first to say that I have never read Caitlin's blog, but I have been meaning to, and I was even kind of skeptical about the book. I almost thought it was one of those "I'm going to love it because my friend wrote it and not because it's all that great, but you should love it too!" bandwagon type things, and I'm not into that. So I keep seeing blogs about it that I skipped over, and I keep seeing tweets about it, so I figured what the heck. So I started reading a little deeper, and realized that holy cow. This is something I can get behind. This is something I believe in. This is something I will be purchasing immediately for my friends, my small peeps, and my sister, ranging in ages from 10-45. And I'm going to give it to all of them right now. Why? Just because. Because they are BEAUTIFUL women! And I'm going to put a post-it note on the inside telling them all the things I love about them and all the things they should love about themselves.

So, I encourage you - check out Operation Beautiful. I'll be the one to tell you that your skepticism is unnecessary, because this book is going to be all sorts of awesome.

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