Friday, August 27, 2010

I Shall Tweet On

So I was struggling to come up with something to confess today. I've already bared my soul for the whole internet it seems. I messaged my friend Peanut*, hoping to gain some sort of inspiration...

A little background on Pea - we lived in the sorority house together for 2 years. Pea helped me craft projects for my ex-boyfriend back when my crafting sucked (and back when I had a boyfriend... remember those days pea? we were both in relationships and we were so happy!) She made out with freshman as a senior in order to keep us entertained, and the majority of Friday mornings my last semester of college, I could count on her coming into our room, head hung in shame, and crawling into bed with me while she, my roommate (Roxxy), and I shared stories from the night before. There was no telling what the stories were going to consist of. And you can bet that on those Friday mornings, the three of us were also the first ones downstairs to get our fill of chicken fingers before resuming our positions in bed. But now, little peanuthead has moved far, far away, but I can always count on her for good stories.

Today, I forgot that she had come HOME for the weekend, and I messaged her to tell her about my conquest today - I am planning to exercise not once, but TWICE. Little pea told me how proud she was and then the following conversation ensued:

Peanut: wait, you know whats creepy
Peanut: jackie* read us your tweets! so i already know that:)
me: hahah why was jackie reading my tweets out loud?
Peanut: bc i was telling them about how i read food blogs and they asked how i found them and i said you and jackie was like everytime i look on twitter katie is all of my updates and so she read us your updates
me: haha i'm mildly embarassed
Peanut: oh but its SO funny at the same time, you really are the internet genuis

So thanks, little peabrain, for embarrassing me and simultaneously making me feel quite proud (and for confessing more of my soul on the internet). Also, stay away from the 18 year olds. Just a tip.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent)

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  1. oh my that it is embarrassing to some degree....but honestly who cares....we don't obviously {otherwise we wouldn't be putting it out there} heeeeeeeeee:) xoxo