Monday, February 25, 2013

Lenten Adventure, Part 1

Last year when one of my favorite bloggers embarked on a Lenten Adventure, I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever. For the record, I think what I like the most about OFD is that I can relate as a kid who had a teacher for a mom and also as a daughter and also as the kind of mom I want to be. I suspect I'm not exactly target audience, but whatever.

No surprise that I decided to do it for myself this year. Mindee explains far better than I can the intention behind the adventure, but I love the daily email and am excited about the changes I can already see in myself. And it's only been a week!

Some people say that you should 'suffer in silence' during Lent but since when have I done anything silently? I spent the first few days doing a little bit of self-discovery about what was important to me, what habits I really should kick once and for all, and what things I wanted to add into my life but hadn't found a good enough reason to do it.

At the end I'll share the full list but these are the things I've pulled so far:

1. Cheese
2. Facebook
3. Close parking spaces
4. Twirling my hair
5. Driving to work (except when there is >30% chance of rain during commute hours)
6. Toxic relationships

It's only 6 because the first days were spent reflecting. But seriously - those are basically the worst 6 so it's only uphill from here, right? Except secular music. I'll cry when that one gets pulled. Or adding in running 2 miles every morning. I'll be praying for rain EVERY SINGLE DAY because otherwise I'll be running 2 miles and then biking to work. And then when I pull complaining, I will just have to stop writing blog posts about this.

I rode my bike to work this morning. I've been here for an hour and my legs are still quivering. And last night I was laying in bed and I REALLY missed Facebook and my little bedtime routine of checking FB, Twitter, and then Instagram. But instead I went to sleep earlier, and I was well rested today for my 1.5 mile bike ride. Silver lining...

I may be a totally different person in 30 days, but I guess that's the point. You may not get it from this, but I'm reallyfreakingexcited about this and have big plans to stick to it. I wonder how many of these give-ups and add-ins will stay with me long past the Lenten season?

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