Monday, February 18, 2013

Life decisions: Luggage Edition

I really like to use this blog to let everyone know what types of decisions I’m making in life. Usually I only tell you about the good, educated ones, because, really, no one needs to know about the dumb decisions I’m making. There are plenty, but I’d rather keep those a) off the internet and b) well, mainly off the internet, because we all know I otherwise have no filter with regards to my personal life.

So I’m at a crossroads and I need to make a big decision.

When I turned 19, my dad bought me a fantastic gift. Bright pink Ralph Lauren luggage. A lot of it. And I’ve loved the heck out of that luggage. But I’m not 19 anymore (damnit) and I travel a fair amount for work, and I have no acceptable business luggage. This hasn’t really bothered me to date, but every time I have to leave in the middle of the day and therefore bring my bags into my office, someone inevitably comments on it. Usually it’s in an endearing, you’re so cute and you don’t know what the hell it means to be professional kind of way, which I’m starting to get sick of. I’m trying really hard to not feel like a “little kid sitting at the big kids table” (more on this in an upcoming post) at work, and I think my pink luggage may be holding me back.

SO – now I need new luggage. I want to start with a new carry-on rolling suitcase. I don’t want anything else, because if I check a bag, I’m fine using my pink bags. They are pretty much DESTROYED in terms of looking nice, although they still function, so I might as well wear those bad boys out. Plus, there isn’t much easier to spot on a baggage carousel than a hot pink and green suitcase, regardless of how embarrassed my travel companions are. In Iceland, ET refused to help me with my pink bags due to embarrassment. This isn’t the first time a male friend has refused to help, so I guess I’ll have to either carry them myself or buy a black bag.


Requirements for my new carry on suitcase:
  • Black
  • 4 wheels
  • Outside pockets
  • Expandable
  • Less than $200 – that actually seems too high but I have done zero research so who knows
All my work people have Tumi luggage, which is great and all, but that money would be wasted on me. Do you have any luggage that you love? I might just go to Macy’s and see what there is to see, and then check my local TJ Maxx to see if they have the same thing for cheaper!


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  2. I know this doesn't have 4 wheels, but my husband and I both have and I love!!

  3. Instead of black, I think you should consider red. Its still very professional looking but easier to spot since most people have black and navy.

    As far as brands, I have been really happy with the luggage that the swiss army knife people make. They have 2 tiers - Swiss Gear, available at Target in the $50-200 range, and Victorinox available at Mori Luggage and Department stores in the $150-500 range. The higher end stuff definitely is better made and wheels easier, but I have a Swiss Gear carry on bag that had held up well and have lots of pockets for storage.

  4. We just bought two black carry-on's from Macy's...they are both Travelpro which is what most flight attendants use. We got them on sale for 50% (check when the home sales are, that's when luggage goes on sale), with an additional 20%, gotta love Macy's. They are extremely easy to pack, but we've liked the 4-wheel coaster more as it seems to be less likely to tip over compared to the two-wheel one we have.

    Knowing how much you travel get something that is going to LAST! :)