Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Party Favors!

Based on my posts, you might think my life consists of weddings, bridal events, and traveling. You'd be right.

I've been put in charge of favors for one of my best friends showers, and I thought I'd share some of the ADORABLE ideas I found in case that becomes your responsiblity one day.

Set of 6 - 8oz - Baby Shower Favor Sugar Scrubs - Bunting Tag Design // Boy Shower Favor // Girl Shower Favors // Bridal Shower Favor
From my shower to yours, with LOVE -- there are so many fantastic homemade scrub recipes on Pinterest, you could easily do this one for very cheap!


Tea towels with cute measuring spoons. (From my very own Christmas-craftstravaganza)

Ring holder, ring dish, 5 Bridal shower favors,  Wedding shower favors, Birthday party favors, ceramic pottery (c)
How useful would these ringholders be? (You could even order one for the bride as a gift!)

Salt pig mint green - Salt keeper - sculptured birds - Salt Cellar Kitchen Storage - Handmade Ceramic Pottery
Or if it's a themed shower (mainly kitchen themed) you could do salt dishes or S&P shakers (perfect for the GT fan in your life!)

Just a few ideas to get you started -- what's the best favor you've received at a shower? Wedding, baby, or otherwise?

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