Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grouper, please!

Have you heard about Grouper?

I just did, and I have to admit, I'm fascinated.

It's matchmaking meets online-dating meets strangers-in-a-bar. It's kinda, sorta, perfect.


I mean, no explanation from me necessary. I guess the only challenge I’m going to have is finding 2 other single ladies. Do I have any takers?



This idea is pretty rockin’. I could imagine a few situations that would be less than ideal. Mainly if you and one of your best besties fall for the same guy. That would kinda suck. I guess that’s when you could invite along 2 of your I’m-taken-but-still-loads-of-fun friends. I couldn’t find anything about relationship status in the rules…

But otherwise, I think this is pure genius. Anybody want to be my +2?

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