Friday, March 1, 2013

I got sick. AGAIN.

Oh man. This week has been rough. As predicted, I gave up complaining, so this is statement of fact, not complaints. Hopefully. I've looked a little something like this since Tuesday night:


Wednesday was spent laying around kind of feeling crummy but quasi-working, quasi-napping and Thursday was just plain misery. I maxed out with a fever at 102.8, went to the doctor where I cried through the entire appointment and told the nurse I just wished my mom was here (yup, I'm almost 27, it's fine), was told that I don't have strep or the flu and sent home with antibiotics and painkillers while we wait for more tests to come back.

Meanwhile someone suggested I might have meningitis based on symptoms so.... there's that, which I'm not even sure what to do with.

And now it's Friday and I woke up feeling significantly more human than yesterday or the day before but I'm pretty sure that's 99% attributed to the painkillers I've been pumping into my system regularly so another day at home. At least today I'll be able to actually form thoughts and get work done, unlike Wednesday and Thursday.

So, there you go. My life this week. I don't know how I've managed to get this sick twice in the span of 3-4 months but man, it sucks. I used to be one of those 'I never get sick' people so this is kind of a shock for me.

To make things even better, this kind of reared it's ugly head again last night in the form of the words, "I'm done with you." So that was pretty awesome.

And just to keep you completely in the loop, here's where I am with giving up and adding things in:

Cheese, driving to work, close parking spaces, twirling my hair, driving to work, toxic relationships, running 2 miles every day, complaining, brushing my teeth every night, telling someone "I love you" every day.

How are YOU doing?

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