Friday, March 15, 2013

Reads on the Internet

I love perusing the internet, but I'm not very good at it. Other people hop from link to link and somehow stumble across fascinating articles, whereas I get stuck on and can find no way out.

If this is also your plight, I'm here to help. Here's what I've been browsing lately:

  • A story about men and women who were convicted of crimes they didn't commit and then later exonerated. It frustrates me just thinking about the lives these people might have led.  (Thanks for sharing, Claire)
  • This HelloGiggles article about anxiety, which explains exactly what I go through multiple times a day much better than I ever could.
  • I thought I was pretty much done with Thought Catalog telling me how to live my life and then I stumbled across this (which correlates directly to breaking up with bad friends) and so maybe I'm not quite so done as I thought.
  • Obsessing over everything England/Scotland/London/Edinburgh/Lochness Monster related because my traveling, world-gallavanting best friend & I booked tickets last week and are Great Britain bound this spring
  • I am such a sucker for stories with happy endings, especially when they are about kids, sports, or animals
  • Making sure I know all the rules and etiquette around proper bike riding since I'm becoming such a green commuter (eventually)

So there you have it. A mish mosh of feel good, educational, exciting stories and tips and tricks that leave me thinking and inspired.

What are you reading on the internet?

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  1. post about your bike commute! i have questions like: how far is it, what kind of bike do you ride, what do you wear, how do you carry things, do you bike in all weather, and do you lock it up outside or bring it in the office with you?