Friday, March 22, 2013

Got Mold?

I am not a messy person. I keep my house quite clean, and organization and decorating makes me happy.

But I was having one heckuva time keeping my shower mold-free. I live in the master bedroom and therefore have a big walk-in shower, which I love. I spray the shower down every other day when I get out, but otherwise haven't done much in the way of cleaning. That was starting to be a problem.

I went to Target yesterday to buy cleaning supplies because we have a new housekeeper coming on Saturday, and I stumbled across this in the cleaning aisle:

I've never been one to peruse the cleaning aisle, but I might have to start, because I got home and followed the directions on the bottle. I sprayed it on the icky spots in my shower and let it sit overnight.

OH MY GOSH. When I got into the shower this morning, you nearly couldn't tell where there had been any problems. I was shocked, amazed, and THRILLED. So of course I did what any logical person would do and basically sprayed half the bottle all over my shower.

And now I'm blogging about it, and I'm really excited to go home and see if I can see myself in the reflection of my shower tiles.

This stuff may not be all natural and it may not be safe for children or pets but good grief does it work effectively. I'm stoked. So to those of you who are facing mold & mildew problems in your showers, run thee to the nearest store and buy buy buy. You'll be equally excited.

PS - Lysol didn't pay me. I wish.

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  1. I will definitely have to try this - the mold in our bathroom drives me nuts!! Thanks! :)
    Floating Along