Monday, April 1, 2013

It's the Final Countdown

So what was the final list? In random order...

1. Read the Lenten Adventure Email devotional every day.
2. Participate in a "She Reads Truth"
3. Mass on Sundays
4. Random act of kindness
5. Phone call with a family member
6. Running 2 miles in the morning
7. Blogging every other day
8. Brushing my teeth at night
9. Flossing
10. Make the bed in the morning
11. Put away laundry as soon as it's done
12. 3 things I'm thankful for in my notes every night
13. Take out the recycling/trash when it's full
14. Tell someone I love them every day
15. Pen and paper journal for 10 minutes a day

Give Up
1. Driving to work
2. Going out to dinner
3. Cheese
4. Coffee (even decaf…)
5.  Close parking spaces
6. Facebook
7. TV shows before bed
8. Saying no to spending time with friends
9. Alcohol (except pre-planned, major events)
10. Snooze on the alarm clock
11. Complaining
12. Candy
13. Leaving dishes on the counter or in the sink
14. Twirling my hair
15. Curse words
16. Clothes/jewelry shopping
17. Non-secular music
18. Going out to lunch
19. Toxic relationships
20. Using my cell phone when I'm waiting
21. All drinks except water
22. Arguing
23. Talking about other people
24. Bread
25. Talking on the phone in the car

The worst: Giving up TV while I fall asleep
The most dreaded: Alcohol
My favorite: Cheese
The most enlightening: Going to church on Sundays
Biggest fail: Running 2 miles every morning
Biggest success: Giving up Facebook (only because my roommate changed the password on day 1 and gave it back on Easter Sunday) followed by giving up coffee
The one I'll definitely do next year: Secular music (even though 104.7 The Fish is a pretty terrible radio station when it's all you can listen to)
The one I'll never ever give up again: TWIRLING MY HAIR.
Crowd favorite: Close parking spaces

See ya next year, adventure!

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