Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Musings

I think I'm doing this whole blogging thing wrong - I'm only motivated when someone else tells me they are reading. Oh well, I'm back after a couple week hiatus.

Ya'll, life has been BI-ZEE. This is going to be bulleted form (Friday musings, if you will) but I promise to expand more on most, if not all of these, mainly because I think my life is pretty darn interesting.

1. World Tour 2013 has commenced. Chicago, Miami, London, Edinburgh (and a few other stops in the UK), Las Vegas, Dallas in a 60 day span. If I make it through all these germ-infested flights without coming down with the plague I will give my immune system major props.

2. I am signing up for not 1, but TWO, triathlons. We've long established that I'm not a runner in any way, shape, or form, but come hell or high water I'm going to complete these triathlons. I bought the bike, I have legs to run, and I've always loved to swim so in my head this is going to be a breeze. I chose the Ramblin Rose tri series because I felt like it was a) a great place to start, b) close enough to home and c) all women, and rumored to be super empowering and encouraging. Anyone else want to train or participate with me?

3. I watched Flight last weekend with EV. It's also been discussed more than once that I have panic attacks on airplanes and now medicate before flights, so obviously when someone recommended this movie I said "sure, this sounds like a fantastic idea to watch a movie based around a plane crash" (see above mention of World Tour 2013...). But holy crap -- plane disasters aside, this movie was TOP NOTCH. Denzel can basically do no wrong in my book, but I loved this movie.

4. Yup, I'm going to London (and Edinburgh and other cities in the UK), with the same friend I went to Australia with last year. I've been all over the world and to 6/7 continents and somehow have never been to London. That's all about to change. Recommendations, suggestions, ideas? I'm most looking forward to finding Princess Kate and seeing the Lochness Monster, so basically I'm going to come home all sorts of disappointed.

5. I bought a new suitcase and now I'm in search of the perfect living room rug, a runner for my bedroom, I want to paint my bathroom a nice shade of blue this summer, and I could really use new bathmats. Basically nothing is ever finished in my house.

6. My 2 goals for 2013: read 50 books this year (third time's a charm), and achieve the same medallion status on Delta. Yup, I'm totally one of those people.

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  1. London will be awesome!! I've been a few times, definitely a LOT to do there. I'm going back this summer for work and I can't wait. Here's a link to my London posts if you want some recommendations:

    Have fun! Can't wait to hear about it