Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a self-proclaimed birthday junkie

I love birthdays. I love your birthday, I love my birthday, I love celebrating birthdays. There is something so exciting, so new, so wonderful to me about birthdays. It's a whole day just for you! It's a chance to start over, a chance to carry the great from one year to the next, a chance to grow up a little bit. Birthdays are the best.

So, today I turn 27. I can't help but think, "this year is going to be the best EVER." And then I get a little sad, because wasn't last year, and the year before, and the year before that, weren't those the best years ever, too? They were - they were the perfect 24, the perfect 25, the perfect 26, and this year is most certainly going to be the best 27th year I'll ever have.

This year I am going to sparkle, shine, and shimmer. I'm going to try new things, go out on limbs, take adventures in stride. I'm kicking 27 off exactly how I want this year to go: on a trip to London with my best friend and favorite travel partner. We have flights and hotels and a rental car and guidebooks and no real plans. I'm dreaming of meeting Princess Kate and seeing the Lochness Monster, and my partner-in-crime is just along for the ride.

27 is going to be stupendous, spectacular, and everything your 20's should be. Cheers to us!

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