Monday, May 6, 2013

Ramblin Rose Triathlon Training Starts... NOW!

Remember when I said I was going to do a triathlon? Well, what I didn't know then was that I'd be racing as a Ramblin' Rose Blogger Ambassador!

I am so excited! One of the things I am most nervous about is training properly and finding motivation, and having the Ramblin' Rose community will certainly curb a lot of that! I've made some amazing friends through blogging so I'm stoked about the opportunity to connect with women from all different paths!
It's not really going to change what I post about - my plan all along was to post about training, how it was going, and probably to do a fair amount of complaining about how much I hate running. I have already taken advantage of the ambassador community and found a couple of websites that should help me put together a great training plan. The first race I want to do is July 14, and the second one is September 22, so while I have some time, I have a feeling it will fly by. No excuses now! I'm also debating whether or not to join the Atlanta Tri Club. I think I would really benefit from the group training programs they offer, and at $40/month, it seems like a reasonable investment.
I've already got a couple of friends interested in racing with me, but if anyone else wants to make the trek up to Charlotte at the end of September, it'd be a blast! I'd love to find some training buddies locally... everything is more fun with friends!
I do have to tell you that they are comping my entry to 1 of the tri's in exchange for posting about the events. But, it won't change what I post. I am still really, really excited and this just sweetens the deal!

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  1. Whaaaaaat! I'm so excited for you! You're going to have so much fun! I would love to follow your training if you plan to blog about it!