Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What to get the Bride

Giving and receiving gifts is such a fun treat. Especially the giving part. So many of my friends have gotten or are getting married, and while it is certainly easy to just purchase off a registry, I also think it's fun to get them something, be it at a shower or for the actual wedding, that is a surprise, and something you picked out because it's perfect just for them.

I might buy these jewelry trays for a special girlfriend (via Effortless Style, one of my favorite design blogs)

I know monograms are pretty predictable for the new Mrs, but how fun are these? I love the bold colors!

Everyone needs a pair of sexy, comfy jammies! Maybe a fun gift for a lingerie shower if you aren't feeling the skimpy stuff.

A delicious new perfume could also be a stellar, non-traditional gift.

A little outside the box, but who doesn't love ice cream? Grapefruit, Riesling Poached Pear? Yum. I'd choose a number of pints that is meaningful -- 3 for the number of years dating? 5, correlating to number of months until the big day? You could even include a sweet note to be opened with the new pint.

What have you purchased for beautiful bride-to-be's?


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