Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BOGO Nail Polish

Remember when I told ya'll about Zoya's awesome nail polish deal?

Well, they are at it again. I didn't actually receive the email thanks to my awesome filters, but one of my friends informed me that perhaps I should check my inbox...I got an email today instructing me to log in, go to my account, and click on my PROMOTIONS AND COUPONS tab. Lo & behold, a coupon for Buy 1, Get 1 Free nail polish! You do have to have an account with Zoya, and the codes are only found there, but maybe if you ordered before and aren't planning to this time around you can share your code?!

I will tell ya'll - I LOVED the Zoya nail polishes I bought before. They are great colors, they don't chip easily, and I've used them a million times already!

You can choose from The Sunshine Collection:
Nail Polish: Zoya Sunshine Nail Polsih Color Collection Summer 2011

or The Summertime Collection:
Nail Polish: Zoya Summertime Sampler

or The Matte Collection:

Nail Polish: Zoya Mod Mattes Nail Pilish Trio Sampler
all images from zoya.com
I may or may not have purchased Areej, Reva, Faye & Mira. Just maybe.

I am a marketer's dream and a nail polish junkie.

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