Thursday, March 24, 2011

At-Bat Music. This is IMPORTANT.

I joined a softball team. It happened way too fast, and I was in the middle of a meeting and my computer was being projected on the screen in front of like, the most important people in my office, and my friend Kate sends me a message that says "Hey! Wanna play softball?" and I just wanted to clear the screen so I typed yes and then minimized because I was overwhelmed and confused and embarassed. Then everyone in the room started laughing at the prospect of me going outside and doing something active, outdoors, in the heat of spring, but that's another story for another time. So now I'm signed up for and playing on a softball team, and I got an email today. This email has sent me into a panic, a tizzy, a whirlwind.

I have to email them with my song of choice to be used as my Walk Out Song. This selection will determine so many things: how many new friends I make, how many old friends I keep, who thinks I am cool, how cool I think I much is riding on this song choice. It's my friend Jason's song - the smelly shoes guy? It won't work.

This was Jason's 2nd suggestion. It's more of what I am looking for, but still not quite there.

Also, when I referenced his stinky feet in a previous post, he had the gall to be pissed at me for not also name-dropping, so here ya go Jase. Ladies, he is still single and looking if you're interested. He enjoys long walks on the beach, dancing like an idiot, and using his preacher voice to make you feel guilty about anything and everything. I love him anyway :)

This is Chipper Jones's walk up song and I could steal it but I think then I'd have a lot to live up to and well..remember when people laughed when I said I was going to play softball? Yeah.

One of my coworkers suggested Hanson. Even though there is no first place currently, this is a close 2nd.

The winner:

If that doesn't pump you up, I'm not sure anything can. Thank you to the biggest pain in the ass I know for the suggestion.

I'll report back on the softball season as it unfolds. Oh yeah, and I'm playing tennis. This could get interesting...

What would you have chosen? Anything I should look at, just in case? I'm a woman, I'm entitled to changing my mind 17 times.


  1. I think you need to pick one the classic rock songs from the Greek Week tug lineup. You sure spent enough time listening to them and they definitely pump you!

  2. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
    Here Comes the Pain - Slayer
    Hells Bells - ACDC
    I Stand Alone - Godsmack
    Yeah - Usher

    If you want to see what the pros do go here

    You could always just walk up to bat to the deafening noise of the crowd chanting your name