Wednesday, March 9, 2011

39 days until my birthday! & 40 days until Easter...

A proud display of my 2 drink rule combined with
my love for all things Mexican, mainly tequila.

It's no secret that Mexican food is, hands down, without a doubt, my favorite cuisine. I have been thinking for a while about what I should give up for Lent, and wondering if that was really the right answer. Should I give up something and  add something to my routine? Should I just give something up that was going to be really miserable?

I'm already limiting myself to 2 drinks per night, what else do you want from me Oh Holy One?

Just kidding. Kind of.

Last year I gave up grocery shopping. Successfully, if I do say so myself. My hoarding habits haven't gotten any better, but I've been chipping away at the contents of my freezer recently and thus there are limited meal concoctions to be, well, concocted.

It should come as no surprise that this year I'm giving up Mexican food for Lent. In addition, the church I belong to handed out "Little Black Books" (don't get excited) with 40 6-minute meditations on the Sunday Gospels of Lent, so I'm going to do that daily.

The teens I volunteer with/for decided as a group to partake in weekly Adoration before Mass, so I'll be joining them, and as my own little personal goal I am going to try to make time to attend at least one daily Mass per week.

This may seem like a lot to some people and not enough to others, but it's just right for me. I'm not much of an evangelical Christian (it's just not in my Catholic blood) but I am firmly grounded in my faith and this is a really easy way for me to share that.

Plus, if I'm being honest, Mexican food isn't exactly the definition of healthy, so it's really a 2 birds, 1 stone kinda move.

And, considering my 25th Birthday is the day before Easter, well...we may just be hitting up La P to celebrate the Resurrection in conjunction with the fantastic blessing my 25 years on Earth have been. And did you know this is not even the first time I have shared my birthday with this holiday? And something tells me it won't be the last. I hate sharing my birthday. 

Happy Lent!  


  1. oh man, grocery shopping? def not on my radar for things to give up :) budgeting however is a different story and something i'm trying really hard at during Lent!

    Mexican food is a good choice. even when we make it at home the healthy way, i always end up throwing all kinds of cheese on top, b/c what's Mexican without cheese? ugh

  2. wow, I could never give up grocery shopping for that long! the least I've ever been able to grocery shop is once every 3 weeks or so.