Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#monthofmovement is more than haflway over!

So far, so successful! A few of the workouts I've done:

  • Gorgeous run on the Atlanta Beltline
  • New yoga studio
  • Dancing ALL.NIGHT.LONG. at the club on the cruise ship. I count it as exercise because I sweated up a STORM!
  • Ellipticals on a moving boat. Trickier than it sounds.
  • Multiple tennis matches and tennis practices

body weight workout
This full body workout from HTP kicked my asana.
I'm pretty sure mixed in there were some treadmill runs, some elliptical sessions, and some more outdoor runs while I train for my half marathon.
Coming up this week:
  • Monday rest day
  • Tuesday 5 mile run
  • Wednesday TBD, but probably a 2mi adventure on the treadmill followed by a body weight circuit of some sort
  • Thursday I'm trying my very first CrossFit class
  • Friday is hopefully another 5 mile run
  • Saturday tennis match
  • Sunday 6 mile run!
How is your #monthofmovement going?

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