Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Succulent Garden

I have a fascination wtih succulents. They are just so versatile, what with not really needing to be watered much and only requiring sunlight and growing, growing, growing forever. So what better way to tell friends how much I value them at the holidays than a little succulent gift?

It all started with this post. I ran to Home Depot, scooped up the supplies, and hurried home to get my craft on. I tried my hand at decorating my own vases but quickly decided that was for the birds.

What you'll need for the succulent garden:
  • Multiple small dishes or 1 large dish
  • Succulents (1 per small dish or 4-5 per large, depending on size)
  • Rocks (I got mine at the dollar store!)
  • Dirt 
What I used for decorating the "pots":
  • Martha Stewart decoupage set (I bought gold embellishments!)
Step 1: Get all the supplies ready!

Step 2: Cut materials, start decoupaging. Note: I would completely eliminate this step next time. No need for decorated vases unless you feel really passionately about them!


Step 3: Place rocks in bowl, then place succulents, and finally place dirt around. Note: I did this backwards and put the dirt in first. It was really hard to then dig holes for the succulents, which is why I recommend putting the dirt in around them!

Step 4: Enjoy!


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