Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be Kind

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Be kind.
I don't think I was ever intentionally mean, but I know I have said and done things that were purely self-serving and perhaps veiled in kindness. I wish, now, that I was the person who was spoken of as overly kind, thoughtful, caring. I think I am all of those things, and I try every day to be more and more kind, but there are those people who are just so nice, supportive, generous. I want to be like them, and I want younger Katie to spend more time focusing on kindness rather than selfishness disguised as kindness.


  1. love this! I need to think about what my two words would be.

    also how are the shins?

  2. Doesn't End.

    I'd assure myself that no matter what, stress will always be there and so will happiness and sadness and grief and on and on and on .... so to sit back and let it go.. sometimes .. :)