Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pura Vida

Sorry I disappeared. I've been busy!
My dream came true. I visited Anamaya Resort & Spa in Montezuma, Costa Rica for 7 perfect days. Rather than try to document my entire trip, I'll give you a top 10 list and lots of pictures.
10. Two 25 minute flights in a 12 passenger caravan airplane.
9. Jumping over a 15ft waterfall into the pool below.
8. Listening to a sweet new friend serenade us on the guitar in the evening.
7. Driving 45 minutes across part of the country to find La Playa Secreta en Malpais. In a car crammed full of 8 beautiful, wonderful girls.
6. A bonfire on La Playa Hermosa while a thunderstorm rolled in.
5. Spending Friday night at Chico's with the locals and our favorite resort staff.
4. Twice daily yoga. (And watching the geckos chase each other on the ceiling during evening savasana)
3. Teaching an entire bar of Costa Ricans how to do the Wobble.
2. Enjoying 3 beautiful, delicious meals every day with friends.
1. Meeting 12 incredible people who will remain etched on my heart forever <3 p="">
Ya'll, this trip was perfect in every. single. way. possible. I wouldn't change a single second. I found myself again. I smiled so big I thought I was going to explode. I sobbed and sniffled my way through yoga one night because emotion just overcame me. I met people who inspired me, who motivated me, who helped me be me. I remembered what it felt like to have people in your life who care, who are invested, who take you for you, nothing more and nothing less. I was inspired to re-invest in personal relationships, find a new focus in my professional relationships, and chill the heck out. I am finally excited about starting school (in less than a week...!!), I have finally allowed myself to be done with toxic friendships once and for all, and I'm just excited about life again.
Pura Vida, indeed.
(And back to regularly scheduled programming.)


  1. omg katie :')
    can i just say how PROUD and INSPIRED and ENVIOUS i am?

  2. wow, so you went! It sounds wonderful!! I am terrible at being spontaneous -- thanks for reminding me that spontaneity pays off :)