Thursday, July 28, 2011

Needles in my back, Needles in my ears

I've now gone to 3 acupuncture sessions so clearly I am an expert.

I still love it as much as I did on Day 1. After my second session, I was sent home with Chinese herbs.

I finally drank 1/2 of one of those packets and well...I honestly don't know if I can drink anymore. Yuck. Times ten. My acupuncturist advised me to drink through a straw that I put as far back in my mouth as possible. I guess I'll try that.

My favorite part about acupuncture is a tie between the therapy portion before the needles get stuck in me and laying on my tummy in the dark with music on and taking a needle nap. I practice breathing in for 4, out for 4, and imagining clear air coming in and black smoke going out. I basically clear my mind, and sink lower lower lower into the table.

The therapy portion just involves going back over a selection of the same questions she asked me on the first day. She always asks about my mental health, she always asks about my diet, sometimes she asks about my relationships, both friendships & romantic relationships, sometimes she asks about work, sometimes she asks about my family. I swear she reads minds though, because today she asked me about something unprompted that I had been thinking about all day.

It gives me an opportunity to talk, uninterrupted, to someone who cares about me and my health but doesn't actually care. Does that make sense? Plus, she bases where she puts the needles on the things I tell her. So if I tell her I have stress or anxiety, she puts a needle in a certain place. Same thing with inability to sleep, or for women who are trying to get pregnant (I'm not one of them but they frequent the acupuncturist!)

I will continue going to see my acupuncturist for as long as my insurance will cover it. Acupuncture isn't cheap, so hopefully my insurance will cover longer than they inititally quoted me. Cross your fingers!

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