Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Change Your Life Challenge: Cooking!

Remember when I used to post about delicious recipes I had created at home? Me too. Those were the days. The days before work consumed my life. The days before travel budgets lured me out of my house and into restaurants. The days before I gained 18.2 pounds because I mean...what's one more chip dipped in queso? The days before dinner with friends who I don't normally get to see during the week took priority over eating at home. Eating healthy. Eating normal portion sizes. Remember what I said about travel budgets? Apparently they mean ordering everything on the menu, too.

Guess what all of this means? It's time for my next...

It may seem silly to dedicate only a week to changing what has clearly become a lifetsyle for me, but I really think I just need to refocus and get myself back on track. I want to start cooking again. I want to start grocery shopping again. I want food to stop going bad in my fridge (or acquiring layer upon layer of freezer burn in my freezer!) I also really, really want to focus on cooking just for me. Not cooking for 1800 and freezing leftovers. I don't eat them. I want to cook for 1, me, moi, uno.

When: Starting today, Tuesday, July 5, through next Monday, July 11.

Why: I'm tired of eating out and feeling like crap afterwards. Plus, I miss cooking!

How: Plan at least 3 meals per week and focus on making enough to serve me for dinner and maybe some leftovers for lunch. But that's not the goal - I want to learn to cook just for myself without weeks worth of leftovers.

If you are ready to participate in this challenge, then comment on this entry so we can support each other! Got questions about the "Change Your Life Challenge"? Email me with any questions or concerns you have.

If you accept the challenge, post the challenge logo on your blog and encourage more people to scurry over here and sign up for the challenge, too!

Grab the link for the logo: http://i54.tinypic.com/28rfe6a.jpg if you'd like! Feel free to copy and paste (and post) this entry at your own blog. Just give credit and share the love!

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  1. Well, I'd participate but I honestly only eat out once every couple weeks...if that...which means I cook at home the vast majority of the time. That said, good luck, and in case your interested here is the link to recipes I've posted on my blog: http://aserendipitouslife.blogspot.com/search/label/food%20and%20recipes