Monday, July 18, 2011

101 in 1001

I have this list posted on the inside of my smaller closet door.

I started it on January 1, 2010, which means that I am halfway-ish through the time commitment of 1,001 days. I'd also say I'm about halfway through the list itself. Some of the things I put on this list were much more difficult to measure.

Use reusable bags whenever possible. Be a Good Friend. Wear cute outfits just because.

Others I have crossed off, feeling like I had accomplished those things, only to un-cross them, feeling rather unaccomplished.

Stop biting fingernails. Spend more time with my sister.

Then I decided instead of crossing and un-crossing, I would do status check-ins and write the date and a checkmark when I felt that I had accomplished those things. It might take me awhile to add another date next to "Go on more dates" but the June 2010 date has 3 check plusses!

Some things I have crossed off for good because they no longer apply.

Attend AMA events. Put more time and effort into AOTG.

I no longer work in Marketing nor am I a member of the Atlanta Marketing Association (although I highly recommend it for those of you who are in Marketing!) and I have closed my personal assistant business.

And some things I have done, crossed them off the list, and never looked back.

Buy a Wii. Buy a new computer. Visit Minnesota once a year.

What is really fun are the ones where I left blanks next to them to fill in as I complete them.

Try 1 new restaurant per month (I list restaurant and month). Meet 10 new friends (I list names). Do 5 new craft projects (I list project and date completed).

This list has been SO much fun to have. I fully intend on creating another one after this one "ends." I love that it is more than just New Years Resolutions. Many of these things dramatically impact my life, my future, and me. Some of them are fluff, naturally, but others of them mean real life changes on my part, and I love that I don't feel pressured to do them immediately, but instead I have the course of 2.75 years to marinate on the ideas and figure out how to best implement them in my own life. I love that they are all mine - I came up with them, they were all things I wanted, and no one else is holding me accountable. Hell, if I hadn't posted this, none of you would even know I was doing it!

I love the most that I put them up in a place where I see them almost daily. They aren't harsh, they don't scream at me, and most days I ignore them (mainly because they get wrinkled and it drives me bonkers), but I know they are there, and days like today when I need a little pick-me-up, I can leave my closet door open those extra 2 minutes, grab a pen, and start checking, crossing, and writing things down on my little list. And then, just like that, I can shut the door feeling accomplished and proud because I have changed, I have become a better person, and I am me!


  1. I started a 101 in 1001 list but it's all online...kudos to you for having a nice colorful version of it! I have a feeling mine is going to be edited a few times as well...I already had to edit one goal because my bike got stolen :-/

  2. This is a great idea. New Years Resolutions are too much pressure! This seems more approachable. Usually I just assign one "word" to each year, & strive to embody that. This year's is productivity . . . I think I'm earning a solid B. ;)

    How fun to see you last night!!