Monday, July 4, 2011

June Top Ten

A visit from my best friend

Pulling off a successful surprise party for my roommate

Shooting the hooch with friends

Going to da club

3 hour long birthday brunch in Washington DC

3 glorious days at the beach

Having a crush on a boy

The end of basketball season

Pints for a Purpose and ensuing GT baseball game

Getting 2nd place in my kickball league

What were the top 10 things you did in June? 


  1. In no order of how much fun the events were:
    * June 3 - NKOTB and BSB concert with my bestie Molly
    * June 5- Went to Great Falls VA and had a huge cookout with 13 friends
    * June 10th- my cousins wedding rehearsal dinner
    * June 11th- my cousins wedding, reading in her wedding and the reception at Fedex field and dancing with my boy.
    * June 11th- going to Fenton Street Market and eating Red Lobster with my boy before the wedding.
    * June 18th- Ashley's surprise birthday party at the Miller's
    * June 19th- Father's Day lunch with my dad and my boy.
    * June 20th- Good Charlotte and Yellowcard at Reacher with my bestie Molly.
    * June 25th- Ahmik's gf birthday party at Kris and my apt, where the negihboors ended up coming and I had the hangover from hell the next day.
    * NBA ending

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! And even more so, I love the club pic--that is classic! Also, I wanna hear more about this crush . . . crushes are the most fun thing in the world. Wish I had a legit one now! Emailing you re: Georgia.

  3. My top would be: taking the boys to the movies (only their second and third times!), having our first beach day, pool days, park days, going to the zoo :)