Thursday, April 14, 2011

Musically Inclined

Remember last winter when I went to 2 awesome productions over the span of a week?

I don't know if I told ya'll, but I then listened to the soundtracks on repeat for the next 2 months, or 1/6 of 525,600 minutes. Sorry I'm not really sorry, poor officemate. We have a music out loud policy, and since I own the iPod and iPod player, I get to pick the music. I like to refer to it as Katie's Office Musical. That could make a great televsision show, just sayin'.  I know I've come so far...but I've got so far to go! :)

Finally sometime around late January I decided that I had finally had enough of Rent and Hairspray and added some Wicked into the mix, which prolonged the Katie's Office Musical Hour another 3 weeks or so.

In March I finally laid my "Showtunes" playlist to rest... or so I thought. I made a new playlist with popular songs that were on the radio. Hey Mama, Welcome to the 60's! But it's been less than 2 months and I've switched back over to the Showtunes playlist. You just can't stop the beat.

"If you fear the storm ahead, as you lie awake, lie awake in bed, And there's no one, no one there to stroke your hand, And your mind, your mind reels, if your face is salty wet and you're drowning in regret...just don't forget."

Anyway, just thought ya'll should know that my secret obsessions are weird and really kind of...obsessive. At least you don't have to listen to me singing along!

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  1. oh hun, you're one of a million people (well, probably more) who is obsessed with showtunes! they always have the greatest lyrics, too.