Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I love monograms, a lot. I think it started my freshman year of college when my roommate's mom got us matching, monogrammed bath towels. That's when monograms were really, really cool. Then one of my best friends mom's made me a purse out of a placemat, and it had my monogram on it. I loved the heck out of that purse, and I still have it. Not quite the fashion statement it was *ahem* 7 years ago, or maybe it's more of a fashion statement? It's teal blue on the outside and neon green on the inside with matching ribbon straps.

See! There it is!
So anyway, the short story is I love all things monogrammed. Pillow cases, towels, shower curtains, LL Bean bags, iPhone cases (not for $55 though), and everything else I can possibly put my initials on. The problem?

MY MONOGRAM IS SO UGLY!!! None of the letters really lend themselves to being loopy and swoopy in their monogrammed goodness. K's, E's, and H's, you are fired from being monogrammed.

Monograms created here

I guess this is a sign it's time for me to get a new last name...I guess I'll start by finding someone who is willing to date me first, and go from there. People with last names that don't monogram well with K's and E's need not apply.

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