Monday, September 9, 2013

It only took 27.5 years...

I haven't posted about this yet because I guess I have kind of been in denial. But, it's starting to really impact me and what I can/can't do so....
I broke my foot while I was traveling for work in Texas a month ago, and I've been on crutches and then in a walking boot ever since.

To answer the most common questions, no I wasn't really drunk, I broke it stepping onto and tripping over a curb, and yes it hurts.
The 2 biggest disappointments have come in the form of exercise: no triathalon at the end of this month and no tennis this fall. I knew the tri would be out as soon as I broke it, but I was really optimistic about the tennis season. Unfortunately after seeing the doctor for a follow-up last week, I got the bad news that I would be in the boot for another 3-4 weeks, therefore ruining most of the tennis season. And who is to say I'll actually be healed by then, anyway? I guess it's better to just sit this one out, but it totally sucks.
The doc did tell me I could start doing some swim workouts and "light elliptical" (whatever that means), so looks like I can at least start getting a little exercise. I mean, let's be honest, I love a good reason not to workout, but my pants don't love it so much. So, clearly I started researching a good workout plan and voila! Ya'll know I'm obsessed with these little 1-page simple workouts so I couldn't resist.

My favorite elliptical workouts via Pinterest 1 2 3
I'm also going to add in some arm workouts, probably more in the form of these pagelets that I can save to my iPhone and access while I'm already in the gym. Seriously, I'm a huge fan. Whoever invented them gets major props from me.
So there you have it. It took 27.5 years, but I finally have my first broken bone and it is no fun. I will say, I am eternally grateful I'm not in a cast and that I didn't have to use the crutches for very long. Although I probably could have avoided the arm workouts if I'd kept up with crutches... so not worth it. 

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