Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Wednesday that was more like a Tuesday

I hate Tuesdays, so I'm really unsure how all this went down on a Wednesday. I have about 8000 things I should be doing right now, and just as many thoughts running through my head. So what do I do instead?

Turn on Carrie Underwood, shut my office door, and start writing.

Today's been a day. I made probably the biggest mistake I've ever made at work. I think I am on day 3 of my Las Vegas hangover. I had a great conversation with an MBA Admissions Director that has left me even more excited, nervous, and inspired. I had a run-in with an ex-ish-friend that was reminiscent of an ex-boyfriend run-in. You know, where you cross paths, make small talk, and they make casual mention of a joke only the 2 of you shared and then you think about it for far too long? Welcome to my day.

I stepped away from everything for a minute and got some perspective, but man. It's been a doozy. Days and weeks like this really make me realize how truly fortunate I am though. I can't imagine if I didn't have fantastic friends to run to when not-so-fantastic friends hurt me. Or if I really didn't like my coworkers. Or my job, for that matter. Or if I was being forced to go to classes that didn't interest me.

I was also going to go to a gym tonight and sign up so I could swim in their pool, because that triathlon I'm participating in 6 weeks from now? Haven't trained much this week...sprained ankles and residual hangovers don't lend themselves to 6 mile bike rides or 3 mile runs. But really, first, I need a bathing suit. Preferably not of the $80 variety. TJ Maxx? Sports Authority? It's been a minute since I bought a sports bathing suit. Wah.

So instead I think I'll go to happy hour, go home, and crawl into bed, and hope that tonight I can keep my eyes open past 10pm.

Vegas, work, life... you are winning, but not for long. Don't you worry...

Arnold Schwarzenegger i will be back - I'll be back  

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