Friday, August 5, 2011

My Issues with Spotify

Have ya'll joined Spotify yet?

I just did, and now I feel overwhelmed. I think I'm a little confused about how it works, exactly. Everyone keeps telling me it works just like iTunes but I must not be listening or something, because in my head I think that it works more like Pandora except I get to choose. I am feeling intense pressure about the first song I choose to listen to. A) I shared my profile on Facebook so whatever I choose, everyone will know, so I probably shouldn't choose something lame. B) Back to thinking it's like Pandora, the first song I choose will definte my Spotify membership forever, so I better choose wisely.

All this pressure leads me to do nothing but share my ridiculous anxieties on the internet via my blog and never actually get around to listening to music. I have issues, and I guess by the name of this blog you thought I'd keep them a secret. Surprise!

I was talking to a coworker about Spotify, and he then introduced me to Turntable. Great - just when I thought I finally had a grasp on one...another "social music site." What does that even mean?

Now we're in a "group music room" and everybody gets to contribute songs to play and they alternate. I created a list of ~10 songs, but all this pressure of music choices might be too much for me. So far I have played "Take It On the Run," "Edge of Glory," and "Wanna Take You Home." Diverse music tastes, much?

What would be your first song picks? Hopefully you have an easier time choosing than I did.

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