Monday, August 29, 2011

House Re-Decorating

Yes, that's right, I straight up disappeared into the depths of painting, moving, and organizing. Newsflash: it sucks. I only moved across the hall in my current house but let me just tell you... what a debacle that was! But, the process is pretty much done. See for yourselves!

excellent tape job, until the tape pulled off the ceiling paint...

yeah, see all those doors? pain. in. my. ass.

the colors i was deciding between. 

end result: bed



closet #1

closet #2 (shoes on each side of the door)

fireplace mantle
k: hobby lobby
ball: hobby lobby

just bought these over the weekend - love them!

best friends

shelves in living room

glasses, harry potter books
candleholder: cost plus
plate: cost plus
painting: italian original
wine: trader joe's
scrapbooks: homemade

books: dirty girls social club, high heels to tractor wheels, and a cocktail encyclopedia
picture: senior year of hs
teapot: cost plus
picture: family photo in italy circa 2001

dining room shelves
mirror: ikea
emily giffin books

living room shelves above TV
glass vase: not mine
ceramic vase: iowa art fair
painting: iowa art fair

pasta, wild rice, brown rice, quinoa, choclate covered pom seeds

my side of the pantry. i love organization.

don't mind this mess though... cleaning out is a long process!

So now that you've been given a quasi-tour of my house, you know what I've been up to. Re-purposing chotchkies I've collected over the last 10 years and organizing my pantry and storage closet. This whole house decorating/moving/redesign project has been a month in the making and hopefully will be complete in the next few weeks. I'm ready to stop living pile to pile! Now to tackle that laundry pile that I put on my bed immediately after taking these pictures...

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