Monday, March 8, 2010

DIY Headboard

I know it's only Monday, but I already know what my week and weekend will hopefully involve. This week, I plan to frequent JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Lewis & Sheron, Home Depot, and maybe a Wal-Mart or two to pick up all the supplies I will need to make my own tufted headbaord. I will be using that link as a guide, and with the help of my dear friend and excellent crafter Rachel, an equally awesome looking headboard will be at the head of my bed by next Sunday.

These colors are my inspiration. The blue color (crashing waves) is what I want to paint my bathroom, or maybe a shade lighter. Then I want to paint my bedroom walls the shortbread color, which is the yellow on the bottom right corner, and I plan to incorporate chocolate brown as much as I can. My furniture is currently a dark cherry wood, and I think finding a chocolate brown fabric for the headboard will go perfectly! Maybe I can even find some patterned fabric to glue on to the buttons to give the headboard a little pizzazz!

So, my first step is to figure out what height I want my headboard to be. Tricky. Then I have to go to Home Depot and have them cut the plywood. Then I have to get it home (which I think is going to be trickier than it sounds)! I also need to decide how I am going to mount this sucker to the wall, if I am even going to mount it to the wall. I think yes, which requires buying a stud finder (it will actually be the 2nd stud finder I purchase, as the first went as a gift to my ex. Bummer!), and some brackets to get it to stay up. Then I've got to get the fabric, the batting, the foam, the spray adhesive... so many things to purchase, but I think this will be fun, and a very satisfying project.

After I finish the headboard, I plan to move quickly into my bathroom and get that paint job out of the way. Once I get the space painted, I will be more motivated to start incorporating other things from my color scheme, such as rugs, paintings, possibly a new shower curtain, and some tchotchke things to put on my over-the-toilet shelf. I may even change out that bad boy, although it really isn't all that old.

This whole interior decoration thing is addicting.

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